The True Israel Of God By Burk Parsons

Jacob (left) prophesies the future of his sons' descendants, the Israelites. Whites, blacks and even Jews have been making this claim for some time From my research, these people are simply a group who adopted some Israelite customs and began calling themselves Jews and Israelites for political reasons. "He has exalted the horn of His people, the praise of all saints, even of the children of Israel, a people near to Him." Psalm 148:14.

That is, it is not the children of the flesh who are children of God, but the children of the promise are regarded as descendants.” This, he says again, is why the word of God has not failed —why the promises of God have not failed — even though many of Israelites according to the flesh are accursed and cut off from Christ.

The true Semites are the Black Hebrews, Indians, Hispanics and many Arabs that carry the Abrahamic blood lineage in their veins but many, if not most, have turned to the worship of Islam thus forgetting their identity and their heritage. Whatever colour Jesus was, he would have blended in ok in Egypt, as the largest Jewish population centre in the World at that time was not in Jerusalem, but in Alexandria.

Israelite or not in order to accept the god of the first testament you have to follow his rules, which says you have to pay tenth of all the money you earn to the poor and keep shabbath, wear tzizit and pray 3 times a day facing jerusalem as he asked for.

Texe Marrs' book, DNA Science and the Jewish Bloodline , reports on new scientific findings proving that the Jews of today are NOT Jews, but are instead converts from Khazaria and Poland. In the abstract to one of his many essays, Dierk Lange: Origin of the Yoruba and The Lost Tribes of Israel”,” Dierk confirms the traditions of a Levantine (Israelite) origin of the Yoruba Nigerians.

For our Father has graciously made us His children having freed us from bondage in order to live coram Deo, following Jesus, the true Israel of God. First, he argues that Black Hebrew identity was constructed on Africans by Europeans who adhered to color prejudice.

Hey I respect African culture too, so perhaps I should claim I am the "real" black people. But as far as the hebrew israelites are concerned, i have no idea what they preach. Some say the curses and blessings apply to born again people of God deuteronomy curses as well whether or not they're Israelites—that I don't know.

As a whole, the people (12 tribes of Israel) who form ‘True Israel' (which includes the ‘Yahudim') have never returned to the area of Palestine from exile because Israel as a people, have far out-grown the ‘Holy Land' borders several thousands of years ago.

Thus, the reader should conclude that unless one can show that all African Americans originate from the Lemba tribe, Hebrew Israelites have no basis for the claim that all African Americans are descendants of the ancient Hebrews. Just before the Israelite Exodus, the Egyptian Empire was at the height of it's imperial conquests.

Second Chronicles 35:18 mentions many Israelites celebrating the Passover with Judah around 90 years after Israel was deported to Assyria. According to the Hebrew Bible , the Israelites were the descendants of the sons of Jacob , who was later known as Israel.

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